Pond Liner                           Assorted sizes in pond liners


The Polypropylene Pond liners we sell are available in 2 different materials with 20 year and Lifetime guarantees. They are both UV stabilized, puncture resistant, environmentally friendly and are flexible and easy to contour. 

The Firestone Rubber  liner has a Lifetime guarantee and it is well known as the best material for lining ponds, due to its thickness, flexibility and its long (lifetime) guarantee.

To work out what size liner you will need simply take the largest measurements of  the hole you have dug for your pond and  add double the deepest depth to each dimension, or use the handy liner calculator below.

Just enter the longest measurements in each case

Width of pond in feet         
Length of pond in feet        
Depth of pond in feet         

You will need a liner that is  Ft.  


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